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Frequently Asked Questions

To save the time for both you and us, we warmly welcome you to read below questions before contacting us for our products.

1. What's the meaning of 1-way, 2-way and centralized system for your electricity energy saving products?

1-way home energy monitor system: The monitor receives the electricity consumption data from the power transmitter wirelessly and display the data on the monitor's LCD screen in real-time so that the users can have an idea of how their home energy consumption is going. For 1-way energy monitor, we have normal version, solar version and optical version.
2-way home energy monitor and control system: The controller not only received the electricity consumption data wirelessly from the power transmitter and sensor sockets (or RF switches), but also can send instruction wirelessly to the sensor sockets (RF switches) to remotely control (switch on/off) the connected appliances (or lights) in the system. That means you may use our 2-way controller to remotely switch off all connected appliances (lights) in your home when you are on bed before going sleep. For 2-way system, we have normal version, solar version and GSM version.
Centralized energy management system: This system has more powerful functions and is easy to set up a larger electricity monitoring and controlling network system
without wiring. It is perfect for the applications in schools, buildings, factories, large companies or other large entities to remotely monitor and control the appliances and lights.

Our energy monitoring and control system can be integrated with home solar monitoring function, which is a perfect and very useful solution for homes installed with home solar plant. Our products are also being integrated directly with smart meters and solar inverters, that's what we are doing for some world brands. We are in a good position to provide in-home display (IHD) based on various communication interfaces (such as RS-232, 485 and etc.) and different communication protocols, including 433MHz, Mbus, ZigBee, and etc.

For details, please browse and refer to the detailed introduction of our products on this website.

2. Does your energy saving product really save energy directly?

Our products don't save energy directly. They only provide functions of monitoring and controlling. Our products help people to understand the electricity consumption in real time and allow them to respond conveniently so that people can act positively to avoid waste and reduce the electricity bill.

We believe that the energy can be saved only by people's behaviour.

3. Who are you?

Shenzhen Sailwider Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Chinese professional manufacturer and supplier in the field of electronics and intelligent remote control. What you get from Sailwider is quality products and satisfactory service. We are the original manufacturer and developer of 1-way and 2-way energy monitors as well as the centralized electricity energy monitor and control system. And we are always developing new products to create more value for our customers. Many of our products are patent protected. Your special demand can be quickly customized here by our R&D team and production lines.

4. What is your working time?

Our normal working time is from 08:30-18:00 (GMT+8 Beijing Time zone), from Monday to Friday.

5. How to place an order with you?

1) Please browse our web site first, find the products interesting to you, then inform us by e-mail or call us and let us know what models you will be interested in.
2) We will make offers immediately for your consideration and discuss the details according to your demand. For products with exclusive distribution, we'll ask our distributors to contact you.
3) If an agreement is reached, we'll issue a proforma invoice (P/I) for your approval.
4) Then you arrange payment and we arrange the production. When the production is finished, the delivery will be made according to the trade terms as agreed.

6. How to contact you?

For any inquiry or problem, please just send us an email: or call us +86-755-
82828526/82933134. Your contact is very important to us. We'll reply immediately.

7. How to make payment to you?.

We accept payment made by Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) , Letter of Credit (L/C) or Western Union (for samples only). Please make the payment according to the instructions of the proforma invoice.

Please make sure that the proforma invoice is stamped and signed by Shenzhen Sailwider Electronics Co., Ltd.. A proforma invoice without Sailwider's stamp should be regarded as invalid and will not be acknowledged by Sailwider.

8. Do you accept OEM and ODM orders?

Yes. That's what we are doing for some world brands.

9. Can your R&D team work together with us to integrate your products into our system?

Yes. We are in a good position to work together with you regarding integration and our R&D team has rich experience for this demand.

10. May you integrate our products into your system?

We'll evaluate your products first. If applicable, we welcome your cooperation.

11. Can I ask for modification of the hardware and software of your products.

We are in a good position to provide personalized service for our customers. We always try our best to meet our customers' satisfaction.

12. Can I buy just one unit or two units from you?

Sorry, we don't do retail business. If you want to buy just one or two. Please let us know your location. If we have a distributor of your required product there, we'll give your contacting information to our distributor.

We sell samples just for marketing purposes and for future batch orders. We'll refund some of the sample cost to our customers when a formal order is placed.

13. What is your MOQ?

Actually, this question is not important to us. What we care is long time business relationship. So you have no problem to place a small trial order to test the market as a start. But for small order, the unit cost can be much higher and the lead time can be longer if there is no stock. We have to take this into consideration when we make offer for you.

But, if you want to print your own logo on the product or ask for other special request to the product, such as customized package or color, we may ask for a MOQ.

14. Do you provide free samples?

Sorry, we don't provide free samples. According to our experience, serious buyers never ask this question. Thanks for your understanding.

15. How long is your warranty/guarantee?

We provide a warranty / guarantee period of 13 months starting from the shipment date of the goods.

16. How to become your distributor?

We welcome distributors worldwide and we treasure every opportunity of cooperation. We usually don't offer exclusive distribution right at the beginning before distributor's performance of ability has been seen.


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