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Sell Energy Back to Electric Companies

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With a Power Solar System, you become a power producer with the ability to sell solar energy back to your local electric companies.

If you use wind- or solar-generated electricity at home--and your utility company and state laws allow it--you can sell excess electricity back to the utility company. There are two ways to do this. "Net purchase and sale" means you use two meters, one for outgoing and one for incoming electricity, and then pay retail price for the electricity you use while the utility pays you a lower, wholesale price for the electricity you generate. "Net metering," on the other hand, means your meter will run backwards when you generate more electricity than you use--you get the same price for your electricity that the utility company would charge.

Contact your utility to see whether the company uses net purchase and sale or net metering. If the utility uses net purchase and sale, they will come to your home to install an outgoing meter that will measure the electricity you put back into the grid. For net metering, you'll just need to verify that your meter can run backwards to account for the electricity you are sending back to the grid.

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Run your electric generator to generate part or all of the power for your home.

Monitor your power generation and use each month. For the net purchase and sale method, you will pay your electric bill each month, and the utility will periodically send you payments at wholesale rates for what you generate. For the net metering, you will see a reduced electric bill as a result of your power generation, or you could receive a payment from the utility for your electricity, at the retail rate.

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1) Make sure your energy usage doesn’t exceed the amount that the solar system was designed for. If you do exceed the amount of electricity produced or saved, you are charged regular rates for grid electricity.
2) Be proactive about conserving energy! You can use a Time of Use Meter to monitor your energy use and capitalize further on your investment. Call for more information on Time of Use Meters.
3) Know how much solar energy your system produces on a daily and monthly basis.
4) Check your utility bill every month to ensure that you are credited or reimbursed for surplus energy produced.
5) Be aware of your electric company’s net metering policies. Not all utility companies refund their customers for power in the same way. Some companies pay cash for excess power where others only offer credits.

Electricity Energy Monitors (Sailwider-SmartPower's monitor can be used to monitor home solar plant)

Wireless Electricity Energy Control System with monitoring function for Home Solar Power Generator Plant

The basic figures contained within a monthly or quarterly electricity bill do not give you much information as to where your electricity is going - they just tell you how much you have used in total during that period and how much totally you need to pay. Therefore it is well worth considering purchasing an electricity usage monitor and using it to see exactly where all your hard-earned money is going.

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One great way to find out how much electricity each of your household appliances and electronic devices uses is with a wireless electricity power/energy monitor, which shows you in real time exactly how much money your total home or office electricity usage is costing you. These monitors can help you reduce your electricity consumption by as much as 20% simply by showing you what you are using. Sailwider-SmartPower is a developer and manufacturer of electricity power monitor and controlling system.

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Most electricity energy monitors in the market are uni-directional (1-way) only, that means you can only get energy consumption information from the monitor. The bi-directional (2-way) electricity power monitoring and control system from Sailwider-SmartPower makes the user not only able to monitor the electricity usage, but also can easily remote control the connected electrical appliances wirelessly, providing great convenience to electricity efficiency management.

appliance controller /home energy control system

Our smart electricity energy monitors with home solar plant monitoring function belongs to our uni-directional electricity monitoring system and is developed specially for households installed with home solar plant, providing a perfect solution for the home owners to monitor both the home electricity consumed in total and the energy produced by solar. Meanwhile, the system displays the balance between the consumption and production to the family members. This system is only for monitoring purpose, if you also want the system with appliances control function, please refer to our wireless energy control system with home solar monitoring function.


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