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RCS-S09U Universal ISM Band FSK Transceiver Module

Our wireless energy saving monitor and control system as well as our tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) adopts our own transceiver modules. That's why our products are so competitive in the market. If you are looking for a RF Transceiver Module developer and supplier for your project, we are the right choice to provide personalized service and solution for you.

Our RCS-S09U is a compact and low cost FSK wireless transceiver module based on ISM band. Its core circuit adopts RF transceiver chips of the unique PLL technology. It works with frequency of 433MHz bands, complying with FCC and ETSI regulations. The module provides an SPI interface so that the MCU can conveniently realize the parameter settings and other functions via software.

This module is integrated with all RF related functions and parts. By providing several simple digital I/O interfaces, the module makes it possible for users with very little knowledge of radio-technology to easily develop stable and reliable wireless products.

Highlights of RF transceiver module RCS-S09U:

RF transceiver modules made in china

Low cost with high performance/price ratio
To tune freely during production
Based on PLL and zero IF technologies
Quick PLL lock speed
High resolution PLL with 2.5KHz step
High data rate up to 115.2kbps with internal demodulator. The highest data rate can reach 256kbps with external RC filter
Differential antenna input/output
Automatic antenna tuning
Programmable TX frequency deviation from 15 to 240 KHz
Programmable receiver bandwidth from 67 to 400 KHz
Analog and digital signal strength indicator (ARSSI/DRSSI)
Automatic frequency control (AFC)
Data quality detection (DQD)
Internal data filtering and clock recovery
RX synchron pattern recognition
SPI compatible serial control interface
Clock and reset signal output for external MCU operation
16 bit RX Data FIFO
Two 8 bit TX data registers
Standard 10MHz crystal reference
Wake-up timer
2.2V-3.8V power supply
Low power consumption
Standby current less than 0.3uA
Support very short packets down to 3 bytes
Typical Application of RF transceiver module RCS-S09U

Remote Control Remote Sensor

Wireless Data Reading / Collection Entrance Guarding and Security System
Automatic Control Vehicle Anti-theft
Toys Tire Pressure Monitoring System
PIN Definition



Definition Type Function
nINT/VDI  DI/ DO  Interrupt input (active low)/Valid data indicator
VDD  Positive power supply
SDI  DI  SPI data input
SCK  DI  SPI clock input
nSEL  DI  Chip select (active low)
SDO  DO  Serial data output with bus hold
nIRQ  DO  Interrupts request output (active low)
FSK/DATA/nFFS  DI/DO/DI  Transmit FSK data input/ Received data output (FIFO not used)/ FIFO select
DCLK/CFIL/FFIT  DO/AIO/DO  Clock output (no FIFO)/external filter capacitor (analog mode)/FIFO interrupts (active high) when FIFO level set to 1, FIFO empty interruption can be achieved
CLK  DO  Clock output for external microcontroller
nRES  DIO  Reset output (active low)
GND  Power ground
Electrical Parameter (Maximum: not at working mode)
Symbol  Parameter  minimum  maximum  Unit
Vdd  Positive power supply -0.5 6 V
Vin All pin input level  -0.5 Vdd+0.5 V
Iin  Input current except power  -25 25 mA
ESD  Human body model   1000 V
Tst  Storage temperature -55 125 centigrade
Tld  Soldering temperature(10s)    260 centigrade
Recommended working range
Symbol Parameter  minimum  maximum Unit
Vdd  Positive power supply  2.2  3.8  V
Top Working temperature  -40 85 centigrade
Download the datasheets:
Datasheet-for-RF-receiver-module-S09S Datasheet-for-RF-transmitter-module-S09T Datasheet-for-RF-transceiver-module-S09U
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