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Centralized Electricity Energy Management System


Our uni-directional (1-way) energy monitor and bi-directional (2-way) energy monitor and control system are mainly for home usage. If you are looking for a wireless electricity energy management system for a larger quantity of terminals and a larger area, such as a building, a school, a factory, a hospital, a big organization, a supermarket, and etc., then our centralized electricity energy management system will be a perfect solution. The centralized system allows the user or several users in the same LAN to monitor and manage all the energy consuming appliances on the computer.

The centralized electricity energy management system is consisted by three parts:
1) Management Software with convenient user interface. It is the electricity energy monitoring and control center.
2) Smart Collector to connect with the PC via USB data cable. It collects data directly or indirectly from the smart terminals and send the center's instruction and settings to the smart terminals.
3) Smart Terminals: The smart terminals are sensor sockets integrated with repeater function. Each smart terminal can establish a star network with itself.

The management network can be established, modified or expanded freely and easily by just adding or removing Smart Terminals. The system works wirelessly, No wiring is needed.

how the signal is transmitted in the centralized energy management system

The management network structure is as below:

centralized electricity energy management system

The smart terminals are sensor sockets. Their plugs will get power from the wall or ground sockets while their sockets will provide power to connected electrical appliances. By working between the power supply and the appliances, the smart terminals detect the current and voltage under consumption. They send consumption data to smart collector directly or indirectly. Also they execute the received setting or operating instruction sent by the management center.

The smart terminals are integrated with repeater function, they work as a router at the same time to transfer data and instruction. Even if a smart terminal is very far away from the smart collector, it is able to communicate with the smart collector via all other smart terminals between it and the smart collector.

The management software is very user friendly. Below is a screenshot of the software interface. It allows management of different level sites as well as group management.

The centralized electrical energy saving management system can be widely applied in many cases due to its convenience and low cost. by replace the sensor sockets with switches, the centralized system is also able to monitor and control lights, please click and refer to a case regarding the application of our centralized electricity energy management system in a lighting system.

By using our centralized electricity energy monitoring and control system, the user is able to significantly reduce the electricity consumption and reduce the maintenance cost.

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