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Wireless Home Energy Monitoring System

  Available Products for our 1-way energy monitors:
  1-way Energy Monitor (normal version)
  1-way Energy Monitor (solar version)
  1-way Energy Monitor (optical version)
  We welcome OEM/ODM projects.

The uni-directional (1-way) electricity energy saving monitor is for monitoring purpose with low cost. It provides real-time, prompt and convenient feedback on electrical energy consumption. For more advanced and multi-functional home / office system, please refer to our Bi-directional (2-way) electricity energy saving monitoring and controlling system. If you are looking for a powerful system for big projects or for engineering applications, then our centralized electricity management system should be your very right choice.

Standard Package of our RCS-S22A Wireless Home Energy Monitor

wireless home electricity energy monitor

Our uni-directional (1-way) electricity monitors can also be used for monitoring the electricity output of home solar plant and for monitoring the balance between the solar output and home consumption. Details please refer to our wireless home electricity monitors with solar power monitoring function.

The 1-way system is also integrated by our customers with smart home system, smart meter system and solar inverter system, this is what we are doing for some world brands. Our R&D team is in a good position to work together with our esteemed customers for various In-home Display (IHD) integrations based on various communication interfaces (such as RS-232, RS-485 and etc.) and different communication protocols, including 433MHz, Mbus, ZigBee, and etc.

How the wireless 1-way energy monitor works?


Energy Monitors

The wireless uni-directional (1-way) electricity energy saving monitor adopts 433MHz wireless transmission technology and can be used to monitor the energy-consuming conditions of one single energy-consuming unit or one master outlet that covers many electricity-consuming units. The monitor's easy-to-read LCD screen displays in real time the power consuming status and the carbon dioxide (CO2) correspondingly produced by the electricity consumed. It forecasts the electricity power cost of one hour, one day or one month for the monitored object. It also has the functions of time display, temperature display and humidity display.

The 1-way system simply consists one monitor and one power transmitter which can support up to 3pcs sensor clamp, allowing to monitor three-phase power supplies. A RJ45-USB data cable is also available to provide connection with computer and make the user able to analyze the electricity consumption data conveniently on PC.

The monitor can be placed anywhere in the house since it works wirelessly with the power transmitter. So put it where there is a wall socket and where you feel most convenient to watch the energy data on the LCD screen.

The transmitter collects the electricity consuming data through the sensor clamps.

Fix the clamp around the null line or the live line of the monitored object, just as left photo is showing. Usually the clamp is fixed around the null line or the live line below the electricity meter.

After registration (pairing) of the power transmitter with the monitor, the system begins to work and start to monitor the electricity power consuming conditions of the monitored object in real time.

The transmitter can support up to 3pcs sensor clamps. They are to be used for monitoring the three-phase power supplies.

The monitor can allow up to 15 coding channels. Up to 15 transmitters can be paired and monitored with just one monitor.

We have three kinds sensor clamps for different cable diameter, 10mm, 18mm and 25mm.

power sensor clamps

The said power transmitter can be replaced by our transmitter plug or multi-socket transmitter plug adapter as described in our bi-directional (2-way) system or multi-socket transmitter plug adapter.

We have another type of 1-way energy monitor which use the LED IMP reader instead of the sensor clamp to collect data from the meter.

meter IMP led sensor reader for energy monitoring system

The LCD display screen of the uni-directional (1-way) electrical energy monitor works as below:

LCD Display of Energy Monitors

Sailwider-SmartPower is the original developer and manufacturer for the 1-way and 2-way electricity energy monitoring and controlling system with strong R&D background and rich production experience. If you are looking for a reliable supplier in this field, you really can't miss us.

Send us your own appearance design and tell us what you want to display on the LCD screen for the wireless energy monitor, then you’ll get your ideal products from Sailwider-SmartPower, your most reliable manufacturer and developer from China.

Various Designs of Our Energy Monitors

Our wireless uni-directional energy saving monitor displays both the cost of the electricity per hour/day/month and your contribution to CO2 emissions, hence provide a real time constant visual reminder of the electricity consumption and carbon footprint. This will increase awareness of energy saving and encourage the user to act to reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emission.

Thank you for all the time in studying our products, for more detailed information, please contact us.

We adopts our own transceiver modules for our wireless monitor and control products. If you are looking for a RF Function Module developer and supplier for your project, we are the right choice to provide personalized service and solution for you.

System Specification

Portability of the Monitor

Portable, with built-in battery

With DC Power Adapter


Wireless Transmission


Indoor Minimum Covering Distance (over partitions)


Easy to read LCD screen


PC Link

Yes, with RJ45 to USB data cable

PC Software


Compatibility with 3-phase


Supported transmitter qty.


Supported sensor clamps qty.


Supported coding channels


Transmitter Battery Life

2 years

Signal Interval

6 sec. / 120 sec.

Data Accuracy 


Displayed Cost Currencies

£, Euro, $

Customizable Voltage Range


Max. Monitable Input Current (220V)

50A or 100A

Min. Monitable Input Current (220V)


Cost Forecast Instant View


Memory function


History Screen View


Automatic Switchover of Display Modes


Data Storage Capacity


Temperature Display


Display of CO2 Emission



Download introduction PDF file: Sailwider-SmartPower uni-directional electricity energy monitor

We welcome new designs of uni-directional energy saving monitor for molding

china smart electricity energy monitors

smart wireless electricity energy monitors made in china

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