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Each home offers many opportunities to upgrade energy efficiency and save on the energy bill. Consider our smart wireless home monitoring products for this purpose.

1. uni-directional Electricity Energy Monitor

2. bi-directional Electricity Energy Monitor and Control System

Can be integrated with Home Solar Plant Monitoring Function

Can be integrated with Home Solar Plant Monitoring and Control Function


The 1-way wireless home electricity energy monitor is for monitoring purpose with low cost. It provides real-time, prompt and convenient feedback on electrical energy consumption.
With developed function, it can also be used to monitor the home solar plant production and home electricity consumption....more

The 2-way electricity management system not only monitors but also send instruction to the sensor sockets to realize remote control of the connected appliances.
With developed function, it can also be used to manage the relationship of home solar plant production and home electricity consumption....more



3. Centralized Electricity Power Management Network


Our centralized electricity power management system allows the computer to monitor and manage all the energy consuming appliances in a larger quantity and within a larger area. It is a perfect solution for schools, buildings, factories, large companies....more



4. We adopt our own developed RCS-S09U Universal ISM Band FSK Transceiver Module for our products


Our RCS-S09U is a compact and low cost FSK wireless transceiver module based on ISM band. Its core circuit adopts RF transceiver chips of the unique PLL technology. The module provides an SPI interface so that the MCU can conveniently realize the parameter settings and other functions via software.This module is integrated with all RF related functions and parts. By providing several simple digital I/O interfaces, the module makes it possible for users with very little knowledge of radio-technology to easily develop stable and reliable wireless products.....more


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Electricity is having a difficult time—or, rather, making it has never been more tricky. Oil and gas are rapidly running out, coal's dirty, wind power and solar panels still aren't completely competitive, nuclear worries people. Add to that the difficult problem of global warming (the way Earth is slowly heating because of carbon dioxide produced when we consume energy) and you can see we're in a bit of bother. If you're troubled by the high cost of energy, or by the effect people are having on the planet, why not start using energy more wisely? You can drive more efficiently, for example, switch off your air-con, or turn down your room thermostat a degree or two. Another good thing you can do is try to use energy-efficient lamps and appliances that consume less electricity. If you've no idea how much electricity you're using, that's where Sailwider-SmartPower electrical energy monitors can help!

The Electricity monitoring system comprises a display unit, a 1-way power transmitter and one sensor clamp. The sensor clamp is clamped around the electricity live feed (usually the cable coming out of the electricity meter in the house) and is connected to the transmitter. This transmitter sends all the information data regarding the energy usage to the wireless display unit, which allows to track energy usage wirelessly. The display unit provides with many details regarding the electricity usage, for example it informs of the cost of the current electricity drain. The display can provide the information in graph form, showing night, day and evening consumption. It can inform you of how this differs to previous consumption and it can also use stored information to forecast daily, weekly and monthly consumption and costs.

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