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Electricity Energy Monitoring and Control System

with Home Solar Energy Monitoring Function

More and more homeowners in the world have installed solar power system in their homes to generate clean power, reduce the electricity consumption cost and protect the environment as well. Solar energy enables you to be your own electric company. 

Our smart electricity energy monitoring and control system with home solar plant monitoring function belongs to our bi-directional (2-way) electricity monitoring and control system and is developed specially for households installed with home solar plant, providing a perfect solution for the home owners to monitor both the home electricity consumed in total and the energy produced by solar. Meanwhile, the system displays the balance between the consumption and production to the family members. Furthermore, the controller provides wireless remote control of home electrical appliances when the family members want to respond to unsatisfactory balance data.

Working Diagram of 2-way home energy monitoring and control system (Solar Version):

how home solar energy monitoring and control system works?

The system allows the user to set intelligently automatic switching on/off function for targeted appliances according to the threshold balance value between the energy consumption and solar production.

The user can also set the alarm function to make the LED light give different color according to the balance value between the home energy consumption and solar energy production.

If you only want monitoring function and don't need the control function, please refer to our home energy monitors with solar power monitoring function.

Our products are also being integrated into solar inverters and smart meters, that's the in-home display we are manufacturing for some world brands.

Standard Package of Energy Control System with Solar Power Monitoring Function

wireless home electricity energy monitoring and control system with solar power monitoring function

When the home electricity consumption is higher than the electricity production of home solar system, the controller of the electricity control system provides an alarm warning, reminding the family members to act to reduce the power consumption.

The LCD screen of the controller display home power consumption data, production output by home solar system, balance data, cost data, history data. It also shows time and date.

The system supports up to 12pcs sensor plug sockets, that means it can wirelessly monitor and control up to twelve connected electrical appliances.

Electricity Energy Monitors and Control System with monitoring function for home solar system

Basic Introduction

The wireless electricity monitoring and control system RCS-S09L with Home Solar Plant monitoring function is consisted by below parts:

1)     1pc controller with power adapter

2)     2pcs transmitters with sensor clamp

3)     A number of sensor plug sockets

4)     1pc RJ45-USB data cable to provide computer link

l         The controller receives data from the transmitters and sensor plug sockets, displays the real time and history information on its LCD screen and sends powering on/off instruction to the sensor plug sockets.

l         1pc of transmitter will be used to monitor the electricity output of the solar home plant, the other transmitter will be used to monitor the electricity consumption of the whole home.

l         The sensor plug sockets detect the electricity consumption of connected electrical appliances. The sockets detect the energy consumption data and send it to the controller. The sockets can be controlled remotely and wirelessly by the controller to switch on/off the connected electrical appliances. One system can support up to 12pcs sensor sockets.

l         The RJ45-USB data cable (available with software) serves to provide connection between the controller and the computer so that the user can view the real time data, the history data from the computer or remotely switch on/off electrical appliances. 

Please contact us for detailed user manual.
We are continually adding features and capabilities to our smart products. 

We are always trying our best to create more values for our customers and users.

All software improvements are downloadable from our website at no charge.


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respond to energy consumption and reduce the cost bill

Solar energy enables you to be your own electric company.  Even better, it's not affected by supply and demand so your rate remains constant rather then increasing with the price of fossil fuel.

Solar energy is extremely economical in the long run. Once installed, there are no recurring costs.  After the initial investment has been recovered, the energy from the sun is free.

Solar energy systems are virtually maintenance free and will last for decades to come.

Solar energy helps protect our environment.  The photo voltaic solar process creates no pollution.  It is the most clean and green energy available.

Solar energy is renewable (unlike gas, oil, and coal) and sustainable and does not require any fuel.

Solar energy actively contributes to the decrease of harmful green house gas emissions and does not contribute to global warming, acid rain, or smog.