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The wireless home electricity energy monitoring system displays in real time the power under consumption, the cost forecast of the electricity usage per hour/day/month and the contribution to CO2 emissions, hence provide the home user with a constant visual reminder of the power consumption and carbon footprint. This will increase awareness of energy saving and encourage the users to act to reduce the electricity consumption and CO2 emission.

The notion of energy-saving is becoming more and more stronger in the world, our smart solution is just to meet this demand perfectly with very low cost. Our product let the user see in real time how much electricity the whole home is consuming. Our products provide convenient way for the user to react to energy wasting immediately.

Our energy monitoring and control system can be integrated with home solar monitoring function, which is a perfect and very useful solution for homes installed with home solar plant. Our products are also being integrated directly with smart meters and solar inverters, that's what we are doing for some world brands. We are in a good position to provide in-home display (IHD) based on various communication interfaces (such as RS-232, 485 and etc.) and different communication protocols, including 433MHz, Mbus, ZigBee, and etc.

Wireless In-home display LCD (IHD based on Zigbee,Mbus,433MHz and etc.)


1. 1-way Wireless Electricity Energy Monitor

2. 2-way Electricity Energy Monitor and Control System

 For 1-way monitoring purpose with low cost
Monitor with home solar plant monitoring function

 For 2-way monitoring and control purposes
Controller with home solar plant monitoring function


The 1-way wireless home electricity energy monitor is for monitoring purpose with low cost. It provides real-time, prompt and convenient feedback on electrical energy consumption.
With developed function, it can also be used to monitor the home solar plant production and home electricity consumption....more

The 2-way electricity management system not only monitors but also send instruction to the sensor sockets to realize remote control of the connected appliances.
With developed function, it can also be used to manage the relationship of home solar plant production and home electricity consumption....more


3. Wireless In-home Display (IHD) based on Zigbee, Mbus, 433Mhz and etc.

Can be integrated with smart meters, solar inverters and other home information center.

Wireless In-home Display (IHD) based on protocols Zigbee, Mbus, 433Mhz and etc.


4. Centralized Electricity Power Management Network


Our centralized electricity power management system allows the computer to monitor and manage all the energy consuming appliances in a larger quantity and within a larger area. It is a perfect solution for schools, buildings, factories, large companies....more


wireless home energy control system / electrical appliances controller


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